Palliative Advice Team

Coming home from the hospital with the knowledge that “treatment is not possible anymore” is rough. A time filled with emotions and cooping follows. Questions and problemes may arise, which are new and unforseen. Sometimes it is possible that the impact of the illness or treatment are only fully apparent when you are at home. Sometimes questions change as times goes on or new questions arise.

For example:

  • The impact of the illness on daily life and how to deal with it.
  • The physical complaints arising from the illness and what are the possibilities to treat them.
  • What does the future hold for me…..
  • ……and what kind of care fits me?

The Kuria Palliative Advice Team can support you in this difficult time, give advice and direct you towards fitting care.
At home, in your own setting, the situation and needs will be mapped. A specialist nursing officer, with broad experience and knowledge in the field of palliative care, will visit you.

To be eligible to a visit, you will have a life-limiting illness.
You or your GP can request the professional support of the Advice Team at phone no. 020 679 07 97 or via e-mail via
A nurse will contact you and an appointment for a first meeting will be set.
You will not be charged any expenses for the use of the team.