Palliative care is relatively new within the field of health care. Many treatments are supported by guidelines but are some times insufficiently evidence based.

As hospice Kuria is a high care hospice with an academic workplace capacity, research is part of her task. Often this is done by way of pilots, which depending on the outcome may result into a larger research.

An example of a large research in which hospice Kuria participated, is the AmRoSe project. A nationwide cooperation between the academic centra in Amsterdam and Rotterdam into palliative sedation.
Current researches relate to dyspnoe, delirium and medication management. Also in the area of psycho social care research is conducted.
Within “Palliantie. Meer dan Zorg”: part of the National Program Palliative Care (NPPZ) a project has been acknowledged to Palliative Care for the Homeless. Kuria is main applicant. 

Research is carried out in close cooperation with and under supervision of the VUmc, EMGO, departments anesthesiology, medical oncology and the Expertise Center Palliative Care-VUmc and the chair Hospice care of the UMCU.