Staying in kuria

A personal room is available for every one. The room can (partly) be furnished and decorated with personal items. To bring something from your own familiar environment is often regarded as pleasant; for example pictures of loved ones, that beautiful painting, a chair or another object which is dear.


Every room has a telephone with a separate number. The expenses are billed monthly.
A TV is available in each room as well as free wireless internet.
Meals are prepared to the personal wishes of the inpatients as much as possible.

The personal laundry is done by family or friends. When this is not possible, it can be done by the hospice against a small payment.

The hospice has a regular hairdresser as well as a pedicure; upon request an appointment will be made; the expenses are a personal charge.

Smoking is allowed in the smoking area in the garden.

Family, loved ones and friends

Family and friends may offer to help in the care, the inpatient and the nursing staff will coordinate this.

Visitors are welcome, naturally to the wishes of the patient. After 10 PM and before 8 AM the hospice aims to guarantee as much as possible quietness.

Visitors can join for meals against payment – with a maximum of 2 at a time per inpatient. When necessary and wished for the possibility exists to spend the night in the room; a guestroom is also available.