Listing and placement

Listing for the hospice goes via the transfer department/transfer nurse or the medical social work of the hospital or the home physician. The phone number is: 020 679 07 97.

A hospice employee will visit you for an intake at home or in the hospital. The intake will be ruled internally. After positive placement indication, efforts for a quick placement are set in motion as well as keeping a short waiting list.
The foremost criteria handled, are:

  • The care provided by care givers in combination with the home care, has become very complex and can’t be realized anymore.
  • A tie to Amsterdam by either living in the city or by (family)relations.
  • An estimated life expectation of at most 3 months.

Placement in the hospice is a conscious choice of the patient and his/her loved one(s).


  • The patient has an estimated life expectancy over 3 months.
    Patients listed for temporary stay can be an exception or as can be patients entering because of a crisis.
  • The patient has behavioral issues:
    – whereby can be aspected that other patients or family are affected and/or
    – whereby the safety of employees, other patients or family is affected.

Temporary placement
Hospice Kuria offers the possibility for temporary placement. To unburden the home situation for a short period of the time of the consuming care or for implementing symptoms control.
Temporary placements are handled by separate criteria.