The nursing care, care and support are offered by a multidisciplinary team.
It consists of:

  • Skilled and professional nurses, specifically trained in palliative care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • hospice worker, they focus on facilitating activities like preparing the hot meals in the evening and cleaning activities.
  • A social worker, focused on backing and supporting of the loved one(s) during the time their loved ones stay at the hospice as well as in the time thereafter. Upon request she can offer help in arranging material issues.
  • A spiritual counselor who visits the residents and who provides support if needed.
  • A general practitioner who visits the residents multiple times a week. The residents are registered in his practice.
  • A medical specialist in palliative care and pain management, who in consultation with the GP treats the residents and is in the end responsible for the medical care.
  • Nurse specialists who in close contact with the GP and medical specialist, are in addition responsible for the medical care.
  • A physiotherapist, who is specialized in palliative supporting treatment.

A large group, specially trained volunteers provide the “extra” in the total care within the hospice. They support the care giving, attend to meals under supervision of the nutritionist and help wherever they can.