A picture of Kuria

The Building

The hospice is located in a traditional (early 1900) Dutch building, completely adapted to modern standards, at the Valeriusplein no. 6 in Amsterdam, with a total of 10 rooms for residents on the first and second floor. An elevator is available. Workspaces and the kitchen are found on the ground floor.

Living room and kitchen

A living room is located on both floors and can be used by every one. Also a small kitchen (kitchenette) is available on both floors with access for visitors to coffee and tea; including a refrigerator and microwave for general use.

Meditation area

The second floor has a room to meditate, to be quiet. This area is furnished with books and statues. You can choose to just sit here, to read, to listen to music or to meditate.

For an impression of the hospice, you are invited to take a look at the pictures on the Dutch page.