A hospice

The palliative terminal care offered by the hospice is focused on the patient, on his/her needs and on a bearable and dignified life to the end. Family and friends share in the care, they get support when wanted, needed and possible. The focus of the offered care is optimal palliative care with high standard pain- and symptoms control and support. Palliative sedation can be part of the symptoms control management. Euthanasia is not practiced in the hospice.


Everyone is welcome, whatever background, origin or philosophy, every human being is respected. The vision of Kuria originates in the Christian philosophy. Under listing and placement you can read more about the procedure preceding the admission.

Caring together

In the field of patient care, research and education, Kuria works together with the Expertise Centre Palliative Care of the VUmc; for alignment and exchange with other palliative care providers the hospice is part of the Network Palliative Care Amsterdam / Diemen. Hospice Kuria possesses the Palliative Care award (Prezo Hospicezorg) as managed by Associatie Hospicezorg Nederland.