Becoming a buddy

Kuria buddy’s are meant for people with a live threatening disease.

They are there for support, to offer people a listening ear and to provide moments of distraction and entertainment. The most important thing is “to be there” for the other. A buddy doesn’t take over the tasks of the professional care givers. A buddy visits you at home and works autonomous.

Prior to be able to work as a buddy, training and schooling are required. The buddy’s are supported by professional coordinators; intervision meetings are part of the support. Buddy work requests at least a number of hours per one to two weeks.

A Buddy has to speak the Dutch language fluently.

Association Kuria Buddy care and the Salvation Army
Kuria buddy care has in close cooperation with the Salvation Army, buddy care for clients of the Salvation Army. These clients are about to pick up independent life again and professional support will be minimized and eventually be stopped.

Are you interested in becoming a buddy or would you like more information about buddy care, please call and ask for Kuria buddy care: 020 679 07 97.