Welcome at Kuria located at the Valeriusplein, Amsterdam

Kuria offers palliative (terminal) care at the hospice, through Buddy care and through advice and information from professional nurses at home.

In palliative care, the treatment options are not solely focused on recovery. In this stage, the focus is on palliative treatment, backing and support the patient and his loved ones.
Palliative care is focused on reaching the highest possible quality of life.

You will find here information on the different possibilities which Kuria in the area of palliative care has developed:

  • Palliative (terminal) care in our hospice by a skilled, multidisciplinary team
  • A buddy, a well equipped volunteer: buddy care in your own environment
  • Professional support and advice by a palliative care expert at home (Palliatief Advies Team)
  • Education for different professionals in the palliative care field, internal as well as external.

Kuria represents: Care, Skilled and Future-oriented